Monday, February 27, 2012

Irish Run St Paul

St Patrick's Day Human Race
Sunday, March 18
5K, 8K, Youth Run

When you think of Irish roots in Minnesota, what city comes to mind first? St Paul, of course! It's finally time to acknowledge that Irish Run St Paul.

From the early days in the police department and mayor's office to today on Summit Avenue, Irish have always run St Paul. It's time to show your Irish pride with an official 'Irish Run St Paul T-shirt.'

The St Patrick's Day Human Race has been the original St Patrick's Day celebration for runners since 1973. That makes this year the 40th edition of the event. To celebrate, we've been offering a free cotton 'Irish Run St Paul' shirt to early registrants. That offer is good through Wednesday, February 29, so register today!

Go to:

Our low entry fees are even lower ($5 off) if you create or join a team  in the Team Challenge. Like all TSL events, there are no extra charges for online registration. Less money for entry fees=more money for green beer (or other worthwhile expenditures of your choice). Join us on Sunday, March 18 when Irish Run St Paul!

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